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Coaching (EC)

Navigating the workplace can be difficult. Knowing when and how to lead, take ownership, delegate, or negotiate for agreement can be challenging. Executive Coaching provides you with strategies and a road map for success. It allows you to discover your strengths and opportunities to prepare you for success in the workplace. It offers a safe and confidential environment to enhance your leadership effectiveness and discuss your aspirations. We offer individualized assessment and coaching sessions that are virtually.



Coaching (CC)

Great Coaches do not only coach during the game. We provide individual continuous coaching through your contract not just in our one-on-one sessions. If you have a situation that comes up in between your session, call, email, on-line, or text your coach for guidance.


Enhanced Focus Techniques

  1. EC with creative visualization sessions (ECCV)™

  2. EC with Hypnotherapy sessions (ECH)™ Contact us for more information


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